From start to finish, The Sunset View, measures 40" x 69" and is an oil on canvas in triptych.  Commissioned work for Carol and Bill Titus, it is with much gratitude that I say what a pleasure it is to work with these friends.  From our first talks to installation of the work in their special Sewanee mountaintop home, we developed the concept together.  Our utilitarian goal was to cover a space where the previous owner's painting had hung and left a ghost shadow.  While they encouraged subject freedom to allow inspiration to come to me, there was much to choose from: inspiring waterfalls, shady trail scenes, stone monoliths and serene lakes.  In the end, it was that incredible expansive view to the west overlooking Cowan, Tennessee that spoke to me for their special "treehouse" space.

When it isn't just pretty and something that goes well with the sofa, art is personal; a part of your home or work environment and something you enjoy in the retreat from the outside. It is something to share with family and friends, something meaningful that reflects what is important to you.  If you are interested in starting a conversation about a painting for your special place, I look forward to talking with you.  Reach out by phone 615-642-3007, or email to the address below.

©2017 Renée Bates

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Pet portraiture is available. Below is a commissioned work in oil from a photo-reference, finished 11" x 14" on gallery wrapped canvas. Reach out and start the conversation for memorializing your special family friend. I look forward to hearing from you.

                                 Lila      ©2018 Renée Bates

                                Lila ©2018 Renée Bates